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West Hunsbury Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs Fiona Young
32 Holdenby Road, Spratton
Northamptonshire NN6 8JD

Tel: 07729 608062

Katie Macey

Katie Macey


Hi there,

I have lived in West Hunsbury since 2011 and am loving every minute of this beautiful area.

My two small girls (5 & 7 years) have never known any other home.

As a family we very much enjoy all West Hunsbury and all the surrounding areas has to offer, including 'The Drovers', Ladybridge Park, and many more.

We have taken advantage of the Covid situation, getting our daily exercise by exploring every part we could find.

Currently, I am working for Northampton Partnership Homes, attempting to provide homes for those in need, trying to add something / give something back to Northampton.

I am an Accountant by trade and yes I absolutely love Excel (sad I know).

My life is hectic and busy with working full time, two little girls and a brilliant husband, but the area has been so good for myself and my family, that I thought I should attempt to give something back.

I have never been a councillor before, so I am not yet sure what the do's and don'ts are (please bear with me), but I do have some ideas and am happy to hear others suggestions on what we can do to help improve or maintain the area.

I would like to voice others opinions where they are not so confident to do so.