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Winter Safety - Be winter water safe

Water temperatures can be extremely cold in the UK and in winter can plummet to below zero.

Here are some top safety tips for keeping safe:

  • Do not walk or play on ice
  • Keep your pets away from ice and on leads at all times
  • If your pet enters extremely cold water, do not attempt to rescue them yourself – you could put yourself in danger and they are more likely to rescue themselves
  • If you go for a walk near cold water, try and go during daylight hours when visibility is good. If not, make sure the route is well lit
  • Stay away from the water's edge

If you find yourself in the water:

  • Relax and float on your back to catch your breath. Try to get hold of something that will help you float
  • Keep calm then call for help or swim for safety if you're able

If you see someone else in the water:

  • Do not go into the water to rescue them. You could get into trouble yourself
  • Call 999 and ask for the fire service and be as precise as you can with the location
  • Tell the struggling person to float on their back in a star shape
  • Throw something that may help them float – like a branch, an inflatable ball or even a water bottle

Posted: Tue, 13 Dec 2022 10:40 by Fiona Young

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